5 tips you’ll need to survive in the same city as your exes

Aurelie B.
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


No need to relocate, I got you covered…til you recover!

1. Be more selective in your fucks.

If a red flag comes up early on, use your legs to run rather than using them to bring your partner’s body forward. Fewer exes, fewer chances to run into them. Easy! Unlike you on your best behavior.

2. Be strategic , opt-out of places they’re regulars

Avoid their usual route, favorite bars, and hangover hideout. Don’t get paranoid, but shuffle your habits if they were a couple’s routine. If they take the TTC, switch to Uber or even better, biking. Biking all over the city will keep you safer and healthier, both physically and mentally. The road to recovery may be a bicycle lane!

3. Dear, you’re in the headlight? Pretend you don’t know them

If you ever bump into them, pretend they’re no more than a vague acquaintance and act as you don’t care. Under no circumstance, approach them — especially not from behind — if they haven’t seen you or acknowledged you first.

4. Feel confident, always!

Do NOT go out without being confident that whoever you may meet will see your light shine through. It’s not about wearing your sexiest cocktail dress or tie to go groceries, it’s about feeling rock solid that you can pull off being awesome even with sweat pants and greasy hair.

You may not meet an ex while getting your milk, but you may meet your future.

5. Daydream about Ryan Gosling or Natalie Portman instead

Why waste several hours thinking about what would be your reaction if you run into someone who triggers you? Walt Disney said, “worry is a waste of imagination”. Pondering about potentially encountering your exes too. That may not be more productive, but think about people you love, admire, or… dream to bang; it would make your days brighter. Don’t give power in the present to people from your past. Enjoy the potential of your wildest fantasies!

Photo by Denny Ryanto on Unsplash

Many thanks to the Annette Street Writer’s Group !



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