10 Ways To Increase Your Intuition

Aurelie B.
5 min readJan 19, 2022

Waking up one morning with X-rated images of my boyfriend participating in an orgy on a nudist beach was an unexpected consequence of my sharpened sixth sense. This vivid warning prompted our breakup. My decision seemed harsh and particularly hard to justify without proof at the time but I trusted my intuition more than him.

A few months later, the bastard (sorry, I meant “the lost soul who had gone astray”) admitted to having cheated on me just before I called it off. Oh, I knew it… even without technically knowing it.

Dreams, gut feelings, shivers, voices in our head… Intuition can be channeled into many different forms. For some of us, they sound just like our regular ramble, but softer. For others they emerge in a different tone (or even language!). Sometimes, they come as images, body reactions, or sixth-sense type perceptions. They are raw, instinctive, and unprompted by any active reasoning. Yet, they are basically the wisest thoughts — or call to action — amongst our regular thoughts.

If you don’t hear — or see or perceive — yours just yet, no worries. Try some of the ten practices below and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your intuition can pick up!

  1. Meditate

Simply lie down, imitating the starfish in bed for 5 to 30 minutes daily, or indulge in any activity involving one or more of the five senses (play music, do sport, crafts, bake,…). Let your thoughts slide as you do it. Breathe. More thoughts will pop up. Repeat the process. There are no failed trials. Just relax, be mindful, and consider it a success — even if you fall asleep mid-way through.

NB : Washing dishes or having sex also work great as mindfulness practices. Bonus, they will likely delight your partner too.

2. Journal your thoughts

Keep a notepad near your bed and start writing in it as soon as you wake up. Automatic writing is a terrific way to clean your brain from all of its mental junk and can also lead to powerful insights. Write whatever comes to your mind. Do not censor. Do not re-read. You don’t even have to make sense. Just cover 1 to 3 pages daily before going vertical.

3. Spend time in nature

You can’t go wrong with that one. Whether it’s hiking in a forest, gardening, or walking in the park, just vibe along with Mother Earth. Smelling actual grass is truly dope, man. I swear…

4. Listen to binaural beats

Binaural beats are audio tunes in which slightly different frequencies are fed to your left and right ears. You can find several of them on YouTube. Personally, I like the channels Good Vibes and Magnetic Minds but many are available, and equally awesome.

5. Unplug & get bored!

Resist picking up your phone or turning on the TV. Make the most of long commutes by simply looking at the landscape. If you do it for long enough, you may get a few seconds empty of your regular thoughts; this will create a space where intuition can nest. An uncanny thought may pop up then, and who knows, it may be the next million-dollar idea. You’re welcome!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

6. Play with your senses

Try shutting them off, diving into sensory deprivation tanks, or do the opposite and stimulate them by doing unusual actions. Option A will lead you to rest, floating in the dark in XXL tubs filled with water and Epsom salts*. Option B will keep your senses alert while performing activities like switching hands for your cutlery, showering eyes closed, playing neither ‘yes’ or ‘no’… Gregory Caremans crafted a bunch of fun exercises of this type in his Udemy class ‘Neuroplasty: how to rewire your brain’. I’d recommend signing up for it if you are eager to try more of these social, cognitive, and sensorial games.

*For a cheaper version, get into a bath under dimmed lighting; it’s not as exotic but already a good start to invite your intuition to arise.

7. Breathing exercises

Choose your pick: the classic ‘4–7–8 Breathing’ (inhale for 4 seconds, block for 7, release for 8), the poetically named ‘Lion’s breath’, ‘Coherent breathing’,… This article from HealthLine shares 10 different techniques to discover and pick from. Sniff this oxygen all you want. Go wild!

8. Detoxing

The quickest way is by fasting (no food, water only). You can opt for an intermittent fast (16 hours without food/8 hours allowance), a one-day fast, or several days. Remain mindful of your health, and please check with your doctor beforehand if this practice is okay for you… Alternatively, just trust your gut — but don’t quote me on that.

If going without any food seems too radical, start with dropping your addictions. Avoid the obvious alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Huge bonus if you also remove coffee, sugar, and gluten for a while. The ‘cleaner’ your body is, the easier it is to perceive messages coming from higher guidance.

9. Mantra, Mantra, Mantra,… Shhh!

Sit in a comfortable position, choose a mantra (ie. sentences like, “– insert your name here –, you are awesome”, “I’m grateful for my life”, or the classic OM –to be pronounced ‘aum’–). Repeat your mantra for 5 minutes, eyes closed. Once you’re done, remain silent and eyes closed for a minute or two.

10. Learn and practice Energy Healing

Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Kundalini, Craniosacral, Access Bars… There are plenty of options to choose from. Try out different ones as a patient. Feel the sensations. Select the one you like the most and learn it as a practitioner.

Succeeding at life will come from listening to your OWN higher guidance.

Your body is constantly talking to you, so pay attention to the small cues. When you’re resting in bed, ask some questions and see if you detect any movement in your body. Hunt for reactions like a small nerve pinch, the twinkling of an eye, a tiny belly growl, a yawn… If there’s one, that’s a YES.

If you can’t feel it just yet, don’t worry, it will come soon — especially as you practice these 10 tips. The hardest step is to trust that the guidance you receive is REAL. Validate your feelings and experiences even when they seem inexplicable or weird.

Developing your intuition will provide you with enlightenment, whether it’s to select the right pair of jeans (without trying them on), pick the most perfect timeframe for vacations (without checking the weather forecast), or find the ideal romantic match (and dump the cheaters!).

Ready to start trying? Which number should we go for first?…

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